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Women's Dental Health

As you blossom into womanhood you may experience different oral changes as well as physical ones.

Mouthguards & Splints

Whether you are a professional athlete or a recreational sports player, custom made mouthguards would be your best investment if you play contact sports.

Dental Products

We stock specialised dental products to enhance your oral wellbeing targeting different age groups and their associated needs.

Dental Issues

What to do after dental trauma? Why are my teeth sensitive? What impact does smoking have on my teeth and oral cavity?

Treatment Types

We offer a wide range of dental services from general checkups, fillings, crowns, removal of wisdom teeth through to complex dental implants and much more.

Dental Anxiety

Scared or afraid of the dentist? It is possible to have pain free dentistry!

Children Dentistry Under General Anaesthesia

Some treatments are more suited under General Anaesthesia, especially when oral rehabilitation will be extensive for children and adolescents.