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Dental Questions

Broken tooth

I've just broken/lost one of my teeth. What should I do?

For a broken tooth, the best thing to do is to store the fragment in milk and seek a dentist as soon as possible. Irrespective of size, a broken fragment can often be rebonded to the remaining tooth, which will achieve the best colour and shape match.

If a tooth is knocked out, remain calm and locate the lost tooth. Avoid overhandling and only handle by the crown (not the roots). If the root is dirty, gently suck the tooth or rinse in milk before replanting it in the mouth immediately (a delay of more than 30mins could greatly jeopardize the prognosis of the tooth). Hold the tooth in place and seek a dentist immediately.

If you are unable to replant the tooth, keep it moist by putting the tooth in milk or place it in the mouth next to the cheek and seek dental treatment.

Wisdom Teeth

Do I need to get my wisdom teeth out?

This depends on the severity of your symptoms, frequency of pain episodes, effects on neighbouring teeth and your overall dental health.

A clinical assessment by a dentist will determine whether there is a need for removal.

At Rhodes Waterside Dental, we will discuss the urgency of removal and which setting best suits your case.

Tooth Whitening

Is tooth whitening safe?

Yes, if done professionally.

At Rhodes Waterside Dental, we use the 10% Opalescence professional tooth whitening system that has been approved as safe and effective by the American Dental Association and the US Food and Drug Association.

This system produces effective and sustainable results. Patients may experience some degree of sensitivity during the process but this is a negligible side effect and is totally reversible.


Should I be using a mouthwash routinely?

No. A mouthwash is not necessary if you are diligent with your brushing and flossing, have regular dental check-ups, have no existing gum diseases and are a low risk candidate for tooth decay.

Yes. Mouthwashes may be indicated if you have one of the following manual dexterity issues: arthritis, limited ability to open your mouth due to having undergone surgery, difficulty brushing around orthodontic hardware if you have commenced orthodontic treatment.


Do I need X-rays? I’m concerned about radiation exposure.

Yes. Dental X-rays are often needed to assist in the diagnosis of your dental condition. However, our dentists will only acquire Xrays necessary to determine your dental needs. With the advent of digital imaging and protective shields, radiation exposure is kept to a minimum.


Can I visit the dentist when I’m pregnant?

Yes. We would recommend you to have a check-up during your second trimester of pregnancy. Our dentists will ensure that any dental procedures, materials or drugs administered will not be harmful to you or your baby.


When should I bring my child to his/her first dental visit?

Good dental habits should be established early and we believe a child can visit the dentist as young as three years old. This allows them to familiarize themselves with the dental setting and learn about their oral health through a 'show and tell' on toothbrushing and dietary tips.